The main profile of Phiaro Technologies Ltd. (formerly XTALIN Engineering Ltd.) is custom electronic hardware and software development for electric vehicles or industrial purposes, and related engineering consultation.

Electric vehicles

We have developed a complete electronic portfolio for the national electric vehicle development market, this way Phiaro Technologies Ltd. is a prime partner for vehicle developers and integrators. Our main fields are battery electronics and safety systems. We had several projects in the fields of water, road and light electric vehicles (bicycles, scooters, etc.).

Industrial Electronics

Based on our previous experience in industrial and agricultural projects and the latest trends we have developed our universal control unit, which can tackle most measurement and control tasks with minimal modifications if any.  In the framework of a 2021/2021 project, we have designed a measurement data acquisition and intervention electronics for a heat pump based building air conditioning system. Also in 2021, we provided electrical engineering services for upgrading an industrial material handling machine with advanced systems.

Crystal Clear Electronics

With the help of the Erasmus+ programme we had the opportunity to develop an innovative, practical electronics curriculum for public education, called Crystal Clear Electronics. This has made our former dream come true, as we have always treated the education of the younger generation with high priority. A short description can be found at Crystal Clear Electronics page, or at the website.

Crystal Clear Electronics 2

With the renewed support of the Erasmus+ programme, we had the opportunity to develop a new curriculum focusing on electronics and programming, called Crystal Clear Electronics 2. A short summary of the curriculum is available on our Crystal Clear Electronics 2 page, and the full curriculum and all its supplements are available at

Crystal Clear Electronics Videos

With the co-funding of the European Union, the Crystal Clear Electronics course materials will be available in English and Hungarian, in video format. Our partnership has been awarded a grant under the Erasmus Plus Programme KA2 Partnership Programme (2022-1-HU01-KA220-SCH-000086440) for the implementation of the project. The videos will be available from the individual websites, mobile apps and on the YouTube channel of the curriculum:

Company History

We are at our partners' service since March 2010 for various engineering consultations and developments. Not long after our founding one of the founders had won the "Young Entrepreneur of the Future" award, then between 2011 and 2013 our main fields have been set and our first electric vehicle and industrial related prototypes have been completed. In 2014 the company had gone over several technological developments, new measuring equipment and professional PCB design software have been purchased. In the same year we have opened and in 2015 we have fully utilized our Budapest office, which became the headquarters of development. In 2016 we have standardized our processes and introduced the concept of modular design, while in 2017 we have expanded our competencies to better satisfy the requirements of our customers. From 2020, with the state-of-the-art version of our former Altium Designer professional circuit design software, the Altium Designer 20, we will serve the design needs of our partners as efficiently as possible. In 2021, we expanded our Altium Designer licence and purchased a SOLIDWORKS Premium 2021 mechanical design software, while at the same time we were building a state-of-the-art laboratory toolkit (4-channel oscilloscope, high-performance and software-controllable laboratory loads and power supplies). From 2022, we have our own in-house developed battery testing solutions, in-house developed batteries, the 3D printer essential for their production, spot welding and TIG welding workshop equipment. In 2024, we have intensified our business relationship with Phiaro Corporation Inc. of Japan, building on years of cooperation and long-term plans.