With the help of the Erasmus+ programme, we had the opportunity to develop an innovative, practical electronics curriculum for public education. The complex curriculum consists of 24 chapters written and edited by a total of 27 engineers working in the industry, leading the reader into the world of electronics from a unique point of view with the help of concrete examples and step-by-step instructions. There are no prior requirements other than what is taught in secondary school. The first few chapters are reviewing the basic mathematics and physics required to understand the rest, and then the reader is taken from building basic and complex circuits to programming complex control algorithms on micro-programmed devices. The specialty of the curriculum is that not only the 24 chapters are available, but also a comprehensive package of parts, from which every example in the chapters can be built and tried out helping the reader in understanding and encouraging experimentation.

The curriculum is freely available for everyone, most of the Hungarian chapters can already be downloaded from http://crystalclearelectronics.eu, while the first English chapters are expected to be available from spring 2020.

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